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by Feast or Famine

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released November 20, 2011



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Feast or Famine Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Another Pandemic
You know I work all day so when I come home
I feel the bass tone flow through me
And when I get home I like to sing along with
My music CD's
When the world is blurred and my words are slurred
It's like a scene from some movie
Yeah when I get home I like to play with my band
Feast or Famine

I think it's hard to say if we'll be ok when it's
looking this way
And the drop could kill yet the climb back up
would be worth the commitment
So don't convince yourself when in Big Bold
Letters printed titles "It's Scary!"
And I think to myself so are rabie creatures
And bears when they're hungry

It's like two steps forward and one step back
If we stack anymore the earth will crack
Now we're trying so hard and you stay the same
A snail pace motion until we see some change
And the end is far but appears in the distance
It's up to us to determine what we're destined
It's like two steps forward and one step back
We've gone so far there's no turning back

It's a pandemic so everybody scream
Feel the teeth clench in and let the tissue bleed
Money controls what you think and want
So forget everything that you've ever been taught
Track Name: Broken Bones (Injuries Heal, Don't Hold Grudges)
Last night a storm hit the house
I knew it would find us
I must have spoke my thoughts
Because the aftermath total chaos
It felt like there was a death

A knife stabbed in my back
Nothing I could have said
Would avoided what had then been done
A Mistake not yet interpreted
For reasons that I had not shown
Why I acted like a fucking joke

The days will roll along
And I pick up momentum
And the cracks that are in the road
Could catch them fall and break your bones
And tear your flesh to spill your blood
Like a wreck you'd see on some racetrack
So pop that jump and don't look back

My bones have been broken before
My mind seems to completely be lost
The tide brought by the moon with our
planet that's in doom
Has everyone working to fix the cause
And we all really know what is the cause

My bones have been broken before
My mind seems to completely be lost
The tide brought by the moon with our
planet that's in doom
Has everyone working to fix the cause
We all really know what is the cost
Track Name: Palms Up Drunk
He acted so normal until the drinks came around
So polite and quiet, he barely made a sound.
But with a belly full of loud mouth and a head of memories
He'd get so drunk that he couldn't see
Everything that hurt him and what always held him back
So he'd drink and drink, until all he seen was black
It's no way to solve problems but it's a great way to forget
That life goes on even with regret.

And now he digs his grave with everything single drink
he takes
It's his only way to drown out the pain

Well a city's always lonely when you have nowhere to go
He always had a house but he never had a home
A thousand sorrows in every glass
So raise your drink, it's down the hatch

Well they found him in the gutter shortly after last call
He finally hit rock bottom and that isn't far to fall
And dying all alone ain't the greatest way to go
But after such a shitty, he felt right at home
The funeral was real lonely, there was no one there
no one chose to show up because no one really cared.
And after such a life like this
It's no surprise he drank himself to death
Track Name: We Try and Fail
*We try and Fail but next time it will be a different story
We learn from our mistakes so our choices keep getting
better and better and better

I've made my mind up to keep on dreaming
I can run on top of clouds even though I can't fly
Like a train that's rolling and it's engine streaming
These thoughts are locomotive of freight real high

Something's got my stomach turning
I've got a bad feeling about what I'm doing
I can't keep my eyes from watering
Just push it aside it will be alright


I've done things that I'm not proud of
You know deep down I'm an alright guy
I keep fucking up there's no question
With friends like these I'll be alright

I pass out wake up, still feeling nothing inside
I go to work and fix machines, man my life is a grind
Should I go to school or live my dream
I'm trying to decide
So we packed our bags and kissed goodbye
Got to change before we die

No we're not blind we're full of life
And we see past the doors of lies
We try and fail and still our pride
Lets us move on with a conscious mind

Track Name: The Cowboy Trail
Afternoons spent on the trail
Between the highways, road and rail,
Enjoying the wild that we carved.
Between the rivers and the trees
Poisoned by our industries
But everybody needs a job

Heading south, along this route
You can watch progress fail.
Drive north, stay the course
Take in the sights of the Cowboy Trail

The forest whispers of the past.
The pumpjack screams that it won't last.
THe futures pounding at my door.
Blue skies don't like ahead
Shades of grey in thunderheads
Lighting strikes and we all roar.

This patch reminds me of a battlezone
The wind it howls and the trees all moan
All these range roads start to blend into one
Dusty trail into the heart of what we're done
Track Name: Locked Doors
We always believed what they taught
About living with kindness and trust
But everybody locks their door
And maybe there's a better tomorrow
Where we all work together
But everybody locks their door

On a city block where all the doors are all locked
and the windows are all closed
Lives the friendliest family you'd ever meet
but you never would have known
They got car alarms and fire arms for home security
And they say "Now son don't play with guns, it's for your own safety."

Unlock the dead bolts, throw away the key
Open the flood gates, ungate your community

And along this street it's hard to believe that
a conflict would arise
But on the front page of the paper today it's
Theft and homicide
And at the end of the day it's hard to say
exactly what it is we fear
When we see without looking
And believe everything we hear