Rolling Forward

by Feast or Famine

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Photo taken by Mitch Coulter


released October 5, 2012

Produced by Andrew Nguyen and Feast Or Famine
Engineered by Philam and Pete Nguyen
Daminh was present.
Food by Nicole Sereda
Mixed and Mastered by Dorian Preston with Dead LIke Design from Winnipeg.

Feast Or Famine is:
Kyle Shabada - Vocals, Chords, Licks and riffs
Matthew Kerby - Drums, beats, and motivational speaker
Paddy Sperling - Low frequency bass guitar, vocals, and unofficial bin inspector



all rights reserved


Feast or Famine Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: The Time Is Now
*Now not alone, this is our home
A path to stroll, there's a long way to go
I know we can make it all we've got to do is try
You can sink or swim you can fall or you can climb

I don't really know where to go
and i'm not quite sure just what I know
Every stage presents and a show
and every arrow is shot from it's bow
manic depression anxiety
its stabs my head like a hook into meat
my blood runs red and the feeling is cold
when you're constantly sick of things that you're told

I don't really know where to go
and i'm not quite sure just what I know
you could really stand for something and be approved
or the other side could hate you I guess it's true
You can't please everybody or make everyone you're friend
you could try and see it they're way and that may be the end
if you're never fitting in then you're never fitting in
lend the other side your idea's and fate make a decision
This is the moment, the time is now! x4

Track Name: Dumpstar

I've lost count of all my sheep
Don't think I'll fall back to sleep
Everything tastes bitter sweet
Can't decide now what to eat
MSG preservatives
Xanthan gum and additives
Make my meals and they are cheap
from the alley dumpster off the street

Whoa oh, we found a way to eat for free
Whoa oh, the smell it use to bother me
Whoa oh, just wipe it off it will be fine
Whoa oh, this meal didn't cost a dime

The waste we create is making me sick
a lot of what we use ends up in a pit
so much consumed when fresh produce is thrown away
the man on the corner shouldn't be begging for change

but it happens don't you see it going on
flaws in our system ROT ENTHUSIASM'S
soiled and stained with a hubris grin
my appetite is growing i'm about to jump in
Who knew? we'd be so lucky to go
Ok, We'll take this home it is our way

Seize the day out on the prowl
Expiry date? Show me how
Jettison I would think for some
No problem here I'll grab us one
Who knew? we'd be so lucky to go
Ok, We'll take this home it is our way
Track Name: Animals

I've thought it through and there's no way around it
A river's bend, a fork in the road, and
Some say they foreshadow it but they will never know
Only when that point is reached and then it's told

A tale of woe, of fear and of heartache
A channel of sorrow floating here
When it sinks in you cannot move, you thought you drown
You'll wish you dove
Unanswered questions stream through silent tears

*Do animals dream at night like we do
in hopes that they grow old
Or live these moments waiting for their next meal
the time will pass so slow
Whoah oh oh

There's a boy here who's emotions are fear
You wouldn't know when you look in his eyes
But it goes without say first impressions will change
Achievements are made in so many ways
The claws of love have torn up his insides.
I've thought it through and the only way around it's
to look ahead and stay on the move
When crashing down means breaking things
cuz there's nothing left to do
Assemble all the pieces into truth.
Track Name: We Stay Friends
We Stay Friends

*How can we stay friends with our distant plans?
I should just keep this together
And I am not to blame, we could stay the same
If time had stopped the earth revolving
And it's been a while, I can hardly smile
Until I think of you and I put on my shoes
And I start running towards you
And then I start running towards you

So now I'm here to say that I'll be going away
and I'll spare no expense to get there
Because we've worked for this a chance not to miss
what it takes to reach your potential
And now you're looking at me, as if it's come in between
Don't you fear my dear soon it will be so clear
We've been through this before
the distance won't keep us apart.

I should hope to get out of this soon you know
(Andrew Kid) I didn't plan this It's not all of my fault
I should hope to get out of this soon you know
What do ya know?

The forest is facing my back and it's calling my name
(We will survive)
The air is so cold it's so clear it's what's keeping me sane
(We will survive)
When I return to the city it's never the same
(We will survive)
Walking these streets I hope to return again
We wiiiiilllllllllllll!
Track Name: Calamity
*There's a Calamity amongst you and me
An impulse of distance to deep
I wish it was something we could see
It's far to long I'll become aware when we're down the road.

New faces I see, they ask my story and I keep it brief
We make mention of what happened overseas
Mutually agreed, its such a tragedy
**And there are those who must have wept
And not knowing they continue un-slept
I saw the images of what is still kept
Now I believe I'm a spot or spec of uncertainty

It makes me feel Ok, A substance sold all over the place.
I chose to buy it but it's usually free
They hand it out at shows and party's
It's turned me inside out,
I see my guts and what i've ate's on the ground
We spent the night and I thought I had drowned
And 4 days follow of rebuilding what could of been yours

Maybe if you and I could just see
what it would take to make this be
or if my vulnerability
could mitigate a response from severity

I've got a melody that's inside my head
It's got a rhythm and it's been tested
Heard it before it keeps me interested
It flows out somehow completely unpredicted.
Track Name: Skate Ska
Ripping down the street one night just thinking up this song
My feet and my board connect as I Roll along
And that's not the only thing that i've got going on!

I haven't had the down time to hang out with my friends.
I'm working through each day and it never seems to end.
The money that I make is losing value in my head,
Weekend nights alone, well there's worse things than death.

This is just a test, this is just to test yourself.
Opportunity awaits to those who see it!

It's been a year right now I haven't finished what I started
I'm making lists to follow through the things I'v always wanted
I've taken notes and wrote them down, this I have composed
Notions in my head become something I CAN'T CONTROL

It's come to my attention bad luck arrives in threes.
Take it with a sour face or pass it to the breeze
It doesn't matter now, what you must decide
The direction you must follow, splits by a great divide.

This is just a test, this is just to test yourself x3
Opportunity awaits to those who see it.

Rolling Forward
Pushing Faster
Jumping HIgher
This freedom is worth it
Track Name: Boxes
Wake in the morning everyday is the same
Spiritless, Unhappy, but I go anyway
Part time employment to earn what I need
Told what to do, what to lift where to be

*Hey Man! Can I take my break now?
No, you've gotta move those Boxes!

Disagreement is pointless I'm a slave to my wage
Hanging on by a string, don't you ever be late!
And I know I'll keep working there's know way out of this
I'll work right till closing and I'll work right to death!
I take the money that I earn and buy a bottle of booze
I've got 8 fucking bosses telling me what to do
Drink to forget about work, and this last work week
Once again I'll be in Monday thinking of Friday
Once again I'll be in Monday thinking of Friday
Boxes, boxes, boxes, boxes, boxes fuck you!
Track Name: It Only Gets Better
It’s hard to compete when my self-esteem has got me sinking down and down and down and down

Everything I ever do is never good enough,
everything I ever write is never smart enough,
every song I ever sing is never good enough
and every friend I ever meet I’m never nice enough

But all you can do is learn a song and learn to stomp and strum along and hope and hope and hope and hope

That everything I ever do is gonna get better,
every book I ever read I’m gonna get smarter,
every song I ever sing I’ll get a little better
and every friend I ever meet I’ll get a little nicer

*and you are doing better than you know, and I should keep that in mind, every time I try and try and try, It only gets better.

You know it’s hard to say I just have this sense of something it’s behind everything
it is what we have to do so our voice will be heard there are so many thing in this world so many things that need to be changed.
So many things are wrong you can make your voice heard
you can stand up for yourself you can speak out on things people are going to listen people are going to hear you, you can effect change.

*and you are doing better than you know, and I should keep that in mind, every time I try and try and try, It only gets better.
Track Name: The Delicate Dance of Becoming A Neighbour
Lately, I just want to burn this city
And all the small towns that surround it
All the people in the buildings
All the women and the children
All boss's in their office
All the workers on their day off
I won't quit till I'm finished
'Till the sky is covered in ashes.
Track Name: Low and Behold
I've kept my head clear for three days only
It fell apart because it's so damn lonely
I wash my dish and then bike downtown
Hoping to see you around

Weaving through the traffic and people
the other bikers don't match my speed though
the destination is distant and far
And I often wonder where you are.

*Low and Behold i'm fine
Because there's something here that's keeping me alive
low and behold it's true
I still don't know just what I'm going to do

I move for hours and meet my chore
the man swears he has heard of us before
He fakes politeness while on the job
then I chug some water and I turn back home

The city stretches for so damn long now
So many people with dreams whom have hope how
making money will move them along,
god it's true, it can move you along.